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Core Faculty

Arnold, Jennifer
Professor | Cognitive Psychology Program Director
337B Davie Hall
(919) 843-5737

Dr. Arnold studies the cognitive mechanisms underlying language comprehension and production in adults and children. Visit her online: UNC Language Processing Lab.

Dr. Arnold may be accepting a Cognitive or Developmental student to start Fall 2021.

Cohen, Jessica
Assistant Professor
335A Davie Hall

Dr. Cohen studies how functional brain networks interact and reconfigure when confronted with changing cognitive demands, when experiencing transformations across development, and when facing disruptions in healthy functioning due to disease. Visit her online: Cohen Lab.

Dr. Cohen will not be accepting a Developmental or Cognitive student to start Fall 2021.

Giovanello, Kelly
Professor | Director of Neuroscience Curricula
341A Davie Hall
(919) 843-1302

Dr. Giovanello studies behavioral, patient-based, and functional neuroimaging approaches to investigate the cognitive neuroscience of human learning and memory. Visit her online: Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory Laboratory.

Dr. Giovanello is not accepting a Cognitive student to start Fall 2021.

Gordon, Peter
361 Davie Hall
(919) 962-2440

Dr. Gordon studies word recognition and language comprehension, including the interaction between lexical and higher-levels of language processing and the coordination of language procession with memory, perception, attention, and motor control. Visit him online: Peter C. Gordon, Ph.D..

Dr. Gordon will be accepting a Cognitive student to start Fall 2021.

Hopfinger, Joseph
344B Davie Hall
(919) 962-5085

Dr. Hopfinger studies the brain mechanisms of attentional control, selective perception, cognitive training, and brain plasticity using multiple measures of brain activity (EEG/ERP, fMRI) and neural stimulation (tACS). Visit him online: Joseph Hopfinger, Ph.D..

Dr. Hopfinger will be accepting a Cognitive student to start Fall 2021.

Mulligan, Neil
341B Davie Hall
(919) 962-5038

Dr. Mulligan studies human memory, including implicit vs. explicit memory, episodic memory, attention, and memory retrieval. Visit him online: Neil Mulligan, Ph.D..

Dr. Mulligan will be accepting a Cognitive student to start Fall 2021.

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Faculty have official appointments with the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience and assist the Department by collaborating with faculty, mentoring doctoral students, or teaching undergraduates.

Bornstein, Brian
Adjunct Professor | Department of Psychology
University of Nebraska Lincoln

Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated Faculty have primary appointments outside of the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience. They may be faculty members at other departments, schools, and research units on campus or with other universities in the area.

Buss, Emily
Affiliated Faculty | Department of Otolaryngology
G190 Physicians Office Building
(919) 843-9163

Estigarribia, Bruno
Affiliated Faculty | Department of Romance Languages
332 Dey Hall
(919) 962-2062

Grose, John
Affiliated Faculty | Department of Otolaryngology
75 MacNider Hall
(919) 962-8926

Hall, Joseph
Affiliated Faculty | Department of Otolaryngology
170 Physician Office Building
(919) 966-3244

Emeritus Faculty

Eckerman, David
Professor Emeritus

Fillenbaum, Samuel
Retired Faculty
343 Davie Hall

Hollins, Mark
Professor Emeritus
104 Davie Hall
Mark Hollins, Ph.D.