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Dr. Kelly Giovanello, Professor of Cognitive Psychology, has been selected as a fellow for the 2021-22 class of the Academic Leadership Program in the Institute for the Arts and Humanities (IAH).

The IAH helps prepares and support current and emerging academic leaders through a yearlong program. Eight fellows are selected annually to engage in a series of activities to help them develop leadership skills, clarify their career commitments, build a leadership network within the campus, and extend their contacts to other leaders beyond the University. A flexible use stipend of $5,000 is provided for each participant. Once appointed, fellows join an expanding community who receive ongoing support from their new network of colleagues.

Dr. Giovanello will engage with the other ALP fellows in a week of leadership training with the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, one of the world’s most respected leadership development organizations, semester-long weekly seminars in Spring 2021, in which faculty discuss critical issues facing the University and formulate possible responses, opportunities to meet with senior leaders inside and outside the University, and two retreats focused on career development, leadership skill assessment, and the creation of a personal vision. Following the ALP fellowship, fellows continue to receive opportunities through a monthly Leadership Forum, workshops, short courses, and seminars on advanced topics in academic leadership, conferences and workshops for all fellows from all years on topics of concern to faculty and the University, and meetings with University and state leaders to discuss important issues facing the University. Congratulations to Dr. Giovanello on joining the ALP Class of 2021-22!

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